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Almost History
  • Almost History

    SKU: BPB-02242518019

    Almost History is a fascinating collection of speeches, memos and other archival material that reveals how our government would have handled historic moments that almost - but didn't - come to be: JFK's prepared address justifying his bombing of Cuba, Abraham Lincoln's palans for post-Civil War Reconstruction; the authoirzation for the use of American nuclear weapons in Vietnam and more. 


    Almost History is not based on supposition.  This collection, illustrated with numerous photographs of actual documents, offers a focus and insight into alternative history that is truly unique. More than 80 selections, each introducted with the story of how they came to be and where they fit in the timeline of history.  These events were so close to reality that those involved had committed their positions, policies, words and feelings to paper in a variety of forms.  Yet timing, twists of fate, and sudden changes stopped them from becoming our destiny.

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