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Brian Power

Brian Power

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Brian Power provides the first comprehensive program of "preventive medicine for the mind".  As we live longer, we must learn to preserve the quality of life by keeping the mind young and healthy.  Dr. Vernon Mark, a noted neurosurgeon, tells us that failing brain function is not a sign of old age. 

Why do we forget? Depression, drug overdose, malnutrition, chemical imbalances, and strokes are all common causes of memory losss.  Dr. Mark shows how we can take control of our brain power, pay attention to the warning signals of failing brain function, and fight back.  With a special guide to nutrition for the brain and a brain power exercise program, Brain Power gives us the vital information we need to preserve, prevent the loss of, and increase brain power energy at any age. 

  • Author

    Vernon H. Mark, .M.D. F.A.C.S.  with Jeffrey P. Mark, M. Sc.

  • Condition

    Very Good

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