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Cold Paradise (Stone Barrington Novel)

Cold Paradise (Stone Barrington Novel)

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Cop turned lawyer stone Barrington has the street smarts, dry wit, and debonair charm his fans love, and Palm Beach, the setting of his new adventure, is his most glamorous scene of the crime yet. In Cold Paradise, he becomes reacquainted with a case he thought was buried years ago and must settle romantic entanglements that still haunt him.

Allison Manning, the beautiful and enigmatic woman Stoned defended against a murder charge in Dead in the Water, mysteriously reappears to request his help with a set of problems she has never resolved, which involve millions of dollars. She fears too, that someone might be stalking her, but she's not sure who or why. She knows of no one better than Stone, who has both the legal expertise and the investigative instincts to guarantee her safety today and make sure she survives tomorrow as well.

Stone is happy to enjoy a few days of paradise in the sun and to have left frigid New York and the tempestuous Dolce Bianchi behind but before he can dig into this latest case, he comes face to face again with Arrington Calder, the one woman who still holds the key to his affections.

  • Author

    Stuart Woods
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    Like New
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