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Gump & Co.
  • Gump & Co.

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    Whenever I really get stumped, I go visit Jenny's grave.  She tells me she's always rooting for me.  The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. has gone bust and Forrest is flat broke, sweeeping floors in a New Orleans strip joint when GUMP & CO. begins. 


    As always, in Forrest's easy-come-easy go life, a change in the weather is never far off...and when the opportunity to play championship football comes his way once more, Forrest is back in the limelight and in the money.  But fate is a fickle lady, and he's soon out on the road selling phony encyclopedias and trying to raise his son, little Forrest, who needs his father more than ever.  Forrest's remarkable, touching, and utterly comic odyssey has just begun: in store for him is an explosive attempt at hog farming; his own dubious recipe for adding life to New Coke; an enounter with Ollie North; and a chance yet again to unwittingly twise the nose of history. 

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