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Looking Backward - True Stories from Chicago's Jewish Past
  • Looking Backward - True Stories from Chicago's Jewish Past

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    When Walter Roth assumed the presidency of the Chicago Jewish Historical Society, it was expected that he would provide each issue of the Society's quarterly with a short personal message from the president, a common feature in such publications. This he has done regularly with topics of interest and worth.


    But Walter Roth is not a typical organization president, a man with mere leadership abilities. He is a gifted writer with unusual research ability and abiding interest in Chicago Jewry. This combination of talents has resulted, in addition to his messages, and a steady stream of vigorous articles on different aspects of the Chicago Jewish experience. His interests have led him, and us, and to many fascinating and unexplored byways. He has open doors and lifted curtains on obscure, half forgotten and sometimes hidden incidents. He has introduced us to a broad variety of characters, a few of whom we may be glad we never met but who too are part of our history. His research activities have been already resulted in one well received book and accidental Anarchist.

    This felicitous Selection of stories, written during the past 15 years, provides interesting and valuable insights into local Jewish history. Those accustomed to thinking of hist....r will meet some of the most colorful

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      Walter Roth
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      Used - Like New
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      • Publisher : Chicago Review Press; 1st edition (August 30, 2005)
      • Language : English
      • Paperback : 302 pages
      • ISBN-10 : 0897335406 ISBN-13 : 978-0897335409
      • Item Weight : 13 ounces
      • Dimensions : 6 x 0.69 x 9 inches
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