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Psalms for All Seasons

Psalms for All Seasons

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Dare to expect a new world through the power of prayer. That is the challenge offered by Psalms for All Seasons. John Craghan says that by praying the Psalms, you will discover radical newness in your life as you align your heart with God's will. The psalms are prayers of both praise and lament. They fill us with confidence and consolation. They teach us to be thankful and wise. 

Psalms for All Seasons explores fifty-five of the most beautiful psalms in the Bible. The author's deft analysis places these ancient prayers squarely in contemporary times. By examining the structure, vocabulary, and themes of the psalms, he engages each example as a stunning prayer for the twenty-first century.

This careful revision of the 1993 edition relies on the New American Bible, Revised Edition, and provides solid biblical scholarship to support the use of the Psalms in study and prayer.

  • Author

    John F. Craghan

  • Condition

    Very Good - has some underlined texts on a couple of pages.

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