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Revenge of the Latchkey Kids

Revenge of the Latchkey Kids

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Angry, unappeasable, and funny as hell, Ted Rall is a mind to pay attention to, a one-on-one freelance revolutionary who sees through the hyperbole and hypocrisies of our society with a clear and unflinching eye. Syndicated as both a cartoonist and columnist through Universal Press Syndicate, he reaches more than 100 papers and magazines, and his most recent graphic novel, The Worst Thing I've Ever Done, won a Firecracker Alternative Book Award.
Formerly titled Kill Your Parents Before They Kill You, Revenge of the Latchkey Kids is an illustrated manifesto for surviving the 90s and beyond, with 24 chapters of edgy insight, personal histories, advice, and cartoons. It is, in the words of Jules Feiffer, "a spicy stew of high-handed judgments-part drawing, part essay, part memoir-confession, part tantrum. The text is the thing. Funny, fractious here and there, nasty now and then, brilliant." Among topics on Ted's mind are "College Is for Suckers," "Gen Xploitation," "Making the Most of Your Dead-End Job," "Relationship Tips for the Sexless," and, in a rallying cry only a true subversive could love, "Bring On the Stock Market Crash." Bring on Ted Rall.
Introduction by Jules Fieffer.
  • Author

    Ted Rall
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    Like New
  • Product Info

    • Workman Publishing Co 1998
    • English
    • Paperback - 216 pages
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