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Sis Boom Bah
  • Sis Boom Bah

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    Having a sister means always having to say you're sorry.
    What can make sisters stop talking to each other for years? If it's the Peltz sisters, just about anything can touch off an estrangement! In fact, the latest spat between Deborah, a soap opera writer in New York, and Sharon, a wedding planner in Boca Raton, has lasted two years. But when their mother has a heart attack, the sisters rally around her and promise to behave themselves. The only glitch in their peace pact is Mom's doctor. He's single, good-looking, wealthy...and coming on to both sisters. And when someone bumps off this cad of a cardiologist, Deborah and Sharon are prime suspects. Deborah thinks her soap opera savvy can help the police find the killer, but a second murder brings the siblings even closer to danger. Now, joining forces may be their one chance to stay alive. And in the process, they may just learn to love and accept each other, not to mention find men of their own to love.
    • Author

      Jane Heller
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      • English
      • Paperback - 320 pages
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