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The Christmas Story Book
  • The Christmas Story Book

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    These stories tell the experience of people who lived at the time of the birth of the Child, and who - each in their own way - sought to worship the new-born king.   There is a trove of stories showing how people have found the spirit of Christmas in later ages.  this might be a child in a poor quarter of a Spanish town who is convinced that the kings come to earth again every year to help children, or it may be a simple peasant who lives with the conviction that he will meet Christ in his life. 


    This book is a colourful collection carefully chosen to show the spirit of Christmas in many different facets.  The stories are divided into five sections: Advent, the Birth of the Child, the Christmas night through the ages, Christmas in the world, and the Three King's time. 


    Included are stories by Hans Christian Andersen, Leonid Andreive, Jane Clement, Maxim Gorki, Gerhard Klein, Selma Lagerlof, Jeanna Oterdahl, Peter Rosegger, Ruth Sawyer, Edzard Schaper, Jakob Streit, Henry Van Dyke. 

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      1988 Floris Books, Edinburgh. Fifth impression 1997

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