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The Secret War Against the Jews

The Secret War Against the Jews

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Unearthing the Subverted Truth: Espionage, Global Power Play and the Hidden War Against the Jews
A hugely controversial work that exposes a series of scandals from Oliver North to the British royal family, The Secret War Against the Jews reveals as much about political corruption inside Western intelligence as it does about Israel.
Using thousands of formerly top-secret documents and numerous insider accounts, Loftus and Aarons expose the clandestine operations of Western countries such as the United States and Great Britain. Professed allies of Israel on the world stage, these countries are revealed to have repeatedly spied on Palestine and Israel for oil, multinational profits and geopolitical gains. The startling duplicity reaches as deep as the Orwellian manipulation of international covert policies and national security agendas.
This book transcends the realm of mere history, raising grave allegations that will be the subject of debate for years to come.
  • Author

    John Loftus & Mark Aarons
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    Very Good
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    Paperback - 672 pages
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