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Unnatural Acts  (Stone Barrington Novel)

Unnatural Acts (Stone Barrington Novel)

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This thrilling tale follows Stone Barrington as he navigates complex legal mysteries and confronts dangerous adversaries. In "Unnatural Acts," Stone Barrington finds himself drawn into a twisted world of deceit and malice, where every turn presents a new challenge. Book synopsis for reader: Stone has always excelled in the face of overwhelming odds, but this time, the stakes have never been higher. A high-profile client becomes embroiled in scandal, and Stone must use his sharp wit and unyielding determination to uncover the truth. Along the way, he encounters old enemies and forms new alliances, each interaction weaving an intricate web of intrigue and suspense. As the legal machinations unfold, Stone's personal life is put to the test, blurring the lines between friend and foe. With time running out and the danger escalating, can Stone keep his cool and navigate the treacherous path ahead? Or will the sinister forces at play prove too formidable? Working alongside his trusted allies, Stone must unravel the truth behind a series of sinister acts that threaten to upend his professional and personal life. Will he emerge victorious, or will the darkness overwhelm him?

  • Author

    Stuart Woods
  • Condition

    Very Good - Large Print Edition
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