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Wonderful Years, Wonderful Years

Wonderful Years, Wonderful Years

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Bucky knows about loyalty.  He once got seven-to-ten and did four of them at Portsmouth Naval Prison because of it. 


But then we're getting ahead of ourselves.  We've come to understand why George Higgin's people behave as they do, but in Wonderful Years, Wonderful years there's a twist: it's neither greed nor power-lust that motivates the major players.  Beyond Bucky's loyalty to the man he drives for, there is his concern for fair play.  the problem he confronts concerns his boss, a big-league Bay State contractor who seems to have something to hide.  the person who is eager to reveal that damaging "something" is his wife, Nell.  The fact is, as Bucy and others know, a grand jury would probably believe her even though she's unhinged.  "She thought her husband was choosing between her and what he does, when he hasn't got a choice - he's go no choice at all.  And she cracked."


Now it's Bucky Arbuckle's job to be certain that Nell is kept under wraps.

  • Author

    George V. Higgins

  • Condition

    Very Good.

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