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At End Of Day
  • At End Of Day

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    Every local police officer knows that Arthur McKeach and Nick Cistaro are the most prolific and ruthless practitioners of extortion, fraud, theft, bribery, assault, and murder in Massachusetts.  What none of them know is how to stop these Michelangelos of crime.  For thirty years the two have somehow eluded jail - or even arrest. 


    Their secret is at the heart of George Higgin's most searing dissection of the criminal life yet.  McKeach and Cistaro have found a new and improved way to keep themselves safe from the organized crime unit of the FBI, which at the same time protects them from the occasional interference of the local police.  Inspired by a true story, At End of Day lays bare not only the inner workings of a criminal empire, but also reveals the corruption at the heart of American law enforcement.  The deepest fault in the system is not stupidity, corruption, or even greed, but ambition; and, in the hands of George Higgins, the alliance between the FBI and organized crime takes on a horrifying inevitabilty.

    • Author

      George V. Higgins

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      Very Good

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